Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Passion for Pixels: Ep 51 - Final Fiction: An Interview with Mo Gallagher

Sometimes, a well crafted game world populated with interesting characters leaves you wanting more after the end credits have rolled. The Final Fantasy series is well known for eliciting this feeling leading players to replay the games multiple times hunting for those minute details and scraps of information that expand the lore even further. Some gamers aren't content with simply experiencing the world as presented and feel compelled to take the characters they love and write expanded stories (dubbed fan fiction).

Sitting with popular Final Fantasy 7 writer M.J. Gallagher, Stian and Danny try to dissect the literary drive, the difficulties of the medium, and the daily ordeals of being a writer.

If you're interested in reading or finding out more about M.J. Gallagher's Final Fantasy work you can get all the latest news on twitter @FFVIINovels and if you want to support him to keep writing please visit his Patreon Page.

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