Thursday, November 3, 2016

Passion for Pixels: Ep 50 - Console Wars: Nintendo vs Sega

For the 50th episode of retro gaming podcast Passion for Pixels, we delve into one of gaming's most classic topics: Nintendo vs Sega.

Before Sony and Microsoft entered the gaming market, Nintendo and Sega dominated the console wars of the 1980s and 90s. With the Master System, Sega tried to take down Nintendo's leading market position that they had gained with the NES in the 1980s. The two Japanese companies kept going head to head with the GameBoy and the GameGear, ramped up the bit wars with the Super Nintendo and the Genesis/Mega Drive (remember the "Sega does what Nintendon't" campaign?), the Nintendo 64 and the Saturn and finally the Dreamcast and the Gamecube.

We discuss who came out ahead in each console generation. As we look at the reasons why Nintendo always sold more consoles than Sega did, we argue that Sega's failure to properly support their own products and the lackluster use of their mascot Sonic were big parts of the reason for Segas downfall.

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