Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Passion for Pixels: Ep 28 - Casual Games

Photo: Tywan Photographie / CC BY

Casual games have become huge in the last few years with Candy Crush Saga alone boasting more than a billion daily plays. But casual games aren't just an invention of the mobile phone age. On this episode of retro gaming podcast Passion for Pixels, we look at casual gaming through our retro tinted lenses.

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Stian argues that Pac-MAN is the first casual game, and that it wasn't until the advent of saving in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda for the NES, that home consoles moved into more serious gaming territory. Further we dissect the design components of casual games considering how Tetris, Minesweeper, Space Pirates, Wii Sports and Hearthstone fit (or don't) the bill. Finally, we consider whether casual gaming can lead to "serious" gaming and where we see casual gaming going in the future.

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