Thursday, August 13, 2015

Toxic Salt: Is raging ever justified in Heroes of the Storm?

The hate is real.
The internet is full of rage. Visit any forum, message board, or public social media that isn't strictly regulated and within a few minutes of browsing you're certain to stumble on a heated argument over something inconsequential. While it's difficult to find an accurate metric, it sometimes feels that video games attract an abnormally high level of vitriol; maybe it's because of the demographics or that games inherently spark a competitive instinct that translates to internet flame wars. Recently, I've been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm which is a relatively new MOBA (a genre infamous for it's high levels of player toxicity) and have witnessed abuse lobbied over every facet of the game. I don't know why the Heroes of the Storm community is so salty but, with a few hundred hours of play time, I've noticed some patterns to the rage and wanted to explore if this anger is ever justified.