Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Passion for Pixels: Ep 17 - Breaking out the Homebrew

Photo: William Warby / CC BY

Retro gaming podcast Passion for Pixels is back after a couple months off. We're happy you guys are still with us, and we're excited to get back to talking retro games again!
This time we're delving into an area that a lot of us don't know much about: the homebrewing scene. The homebrew scene contains everything from remakes and demakes of popular games, ports of old games from one system to another to brand new games for all consoles imaginable. Imagine getting your hands on a brand new NES game in 2015 - that's homebrewing for you.

We touch upon all of this and more, and marvel at KHAN Games recently released port of Leisure Suit Larry for NES.

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