Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Passion for Pixels: Ep 10 - Point and Click Adventure Games

Point and click adventure games like Lucas Arts' Monkey Island and Revolution Software's Broken Sword had their heyday in the mid '90's. After having been more or less dead for the last 15 years the genre is now seeing a small resurgence, with among others, Tim Schafer getting back to making adventure games with his new studio Double Fine.

In celebration of the return of the adventure game genre, retro gaming podcast Passion for Pixels get into our favorites of the golden age of adventure gaming, and it turns out that Stian and Danny don't have the same games at the top of their lists.

In an attempt to see the genre without nostalgia tinted glasses, Stian gets some hands on time with an old classic he never had the chance to play back in the day: The Dig by Lucas Arts. How it holds up and whether this genre can hold the interest of 30 year olds and not just kids with a ton of time on their hands, are among the topics of the tenth episode of Passion for Pixels.

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