Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Playlist - Diabolical Titans

My week was dominated by further testing of the Diablo 3 PTR and time with the Titanfall beta. I'm planning on doing a complete write-up on my experience with Titanfall and already published my feelings on Diablo 3. Writing wise, a virus (unfortunately not the computer kind) had me out of action for several days and I had to skip a few articles.

What's Up

I really didn't get what I wanted done last week because of a brief trip away and then a pretty nasty flu (or viral infection as my doctor put it). I ended up missing both my stream on Sunday and my Weekly Roundup on Saturday. For the Weekly Roundup I'm planning on doing a two-for-one next Saturday to catch up. I also intended to produce another Sofa Story but that ship sank pretty early in the week. Anyways, I'm still feeling a bit rough so I'm going to keep it brief.

For Geekbinge I published my thoughts on the latest public test realm patch for Diablo 3. I'm very hyped for the expansion in March and every bit I've seen seems to indicate that I will be pleased. I also completed a bonus podcast talking about The Wolf Among Us. I think it's a worthwhile purchase if you are a fan of Telltale's brand. For StudentCom, my piece on PS4 cross-region pricing finally went live. I still have an article on region locking waiting to be published for them.

This week, I intend to give my thoughts on the Titanfall beta. Where this will be published depends on how long the article ends up being but I am leaning towards StudentCom (with a possible early sneak peak on The Sofa). I will also do my best to at least start a Sofa Story for publication next week (if not earlier). I am also planning on posting the second Passion for Pixels podcast tomorrow evening as well as recording the fifth episode on Thursday with Stian.

Other than that, my plan is to recover by getting as much stuff out as I can.

What I've Been Playing

Diablo 3
After tooling around with my demon hunter last week, I kicked off this week with the wizard. I was amazed that one small skill tweak could make such an impact - bringing frozen orb back was a stroke of genius. The satisfaction of watching the magical cold orb burst right in the heart of a pack of monsters and having them all fall down never gets old and Diablo 3's take on the classic skill is true to the original; powerful with a decent skill level required to use it properly. You can read my complete thoughts on the upcoming expansion on GeekBinge.

Outlook: I'm done with the patch play for now, but I can't wait for the expansion. Almost certainly a day-one purchase for me.

I was fortunate to be admitted into the beta but was so sick the first couple of days that I couldn't actually play too much. I recovered enough to get some solid hours in and had a pretty good time. I won't say too much yet as my complete thoughts will be going up at a later this week but I really got a Call of Duty vibe from the game (interpret that as you will).

Outlook: I would like to log some more hours but the beta will be cutting off access Wednesday night so I doubt I will get much more in.

World of Goo
No idea why I decided to play this oldie from my Steam library but I ran through the first few levels playing for about an hour. I remember the game fondly but feel the simplistic mechanics haven't really aged all that well. This was one of those titles that came out as the indie scene was exploding and received a lot of deserved praise at launch but so many unique/intriguing titles have come in its wake that it feels overshadowed.

Outlook: Not on my playlist in the foreseeable future.