Monday, February 10, 2014

The Playlist - The Big Bad Wolf

A sort of light week in terms of stuff going up but a lot going on behind the scenes. I worked on a few more podcasts and presented my opinion on EA's Origin service while working on technical details for my stream and doing a ton of background prep for future articles. Also this week, I joined the party and played The Wolf Among Us.

What's Up

For Geekbinge, the podcast I mentioned last week went up. Admittedly, I haven't had a chance to listen through the whole thing but the first half came out all right. Also on GB, I wrote a short news/editorial piece on Titanfall requiring EA's Origin service. I really don't like Origin but accept that it's a necessary evil if I want to play EA published games. The service has improved dramatically over the past year but it's still a far cry from Steam. This week, I am working on a Danny's Descant talking about the upcoming Diablo 3 expansion and try to dismiss some of the pre-release hate it's getting. Also, I'm set to record a podcast later this evening that will focus on the latest episode of The Wolf Among Us.

For Studentcom I submitted an article entitled 'Why Region Locking Needs to Stop!'. This, coupled with my earlier piece on price dynamics for consoles in different regions have both yet to go live. This is the second time that I've started to have a backlog for Studentcom and I'm really not sure what the deal is there. The editors are decidedly quiet and I pretty much get no feedback other than 'good stuff' or 'really like it'. Hopefully you should see at least one of my articles go up this week.

For the Sofa, last week saw my usual Weekly Roundup  and my first Twitch stream in several weeks. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the stream and only the first half of my gameplay was caught by my software (you can still see me talking to the camera though). Not exactly sure what went wrong but I suspect that I may have accidentally pushed some sort of hotkey combination to put the game window out of the display queue. Hopefully this week it won't be such an issue. Aside from the usual stuff, I'm hoping to put out a Sofa Story on Thursday. Just a quick heads up, my next weekly roundup may be delayed a day as I will be travelling and I'm not sure if I will have access to the internet.

What I've Been Playing

The Wolf Among Us
I really didn't intend on playing this until the complete season was released but the decision to heavily feature it on an upcoming GeekBinge podcast forced my hand. I found the whole experience underwhelming. The story is fantastic but the gameplay really lacks substance; at many times I felt I could have been watching a movie given that the choices presented throughout the plot didn't seem to amount to any tangible difference at the end.

Outlook: I guess I'll play through the rest of the game but I'll probably wait until the whole thing is out (I can't stand the cliffhanger endings).

Diablo 3
I decided to play this on my first Twitch stream in a while and figured it would be a good chance to look at some of the changes coming with the Reaper of Souls expansion in March. I'm actually quite impressed with the work that's been done and am having a hard time understanding all the negativity I keep seeing on the forums (I guess that's just the internet for you). My gameplay experience will be fueling an upcoming article on Geek Binge.

Outlook: I probably play a bit more with some of the different classes to see how their skills are being balanced but don't want to burn myself out before main course arrives.

Final Fantasy 7
Almost through this and in a few hours I will start my decent into the final crater. Stian and I will be talking about this on a podcast that we will be recording in a couple of weeks (which means it will probably be live in about two months time). At this point I have a pretty decent idea of what I'm going to talk about and it's almost all positive.

Outlook: Going to finish the game this week for sure. I'm close enough now that a single session should do it.

Street Fighter 4
One of the guys on Geek Binge wants to get a stream going and it's very likely that this will be the first game we play on it. I know I'm dramatically outclassed but want to brush up a bit before losing badly. Only managed to get in a few matches this week.

Outlook: I'll cobble in some more play over the next few weeks.