Monday, January 20, 2014

The Playlist - Sick and Lazy

Last week was disappointing. A combination of laziness and illness cut my writing production and ultimately led to me cancelling my twitch stream. Even worse, my gaming time was significantly cut leaving me unable to take advantage of the Saints Row 4 freebie weekend on Steam. Oh well, c'est la vie. I did end up playing a bunch of comfort games including Team Fortress and some lighter fare stuff including Hearthstone.

What's Up?

Well, as stated in the intro it was an unusually light week. I started strong with another Passion for Pixels recording on Tuesday; one more of these and we will begin posting them! Each time we record I feel that we are getting better and the flow is more natural. I'm sure the first one will be terrible in comparison to the fourth but it's all a learning experience. I also managed to get another piece out for StudentCom highlighting my excitement for Titanfall. I have half-written an extended piece on Nintendo's strategy for the future that I intend to go up on GeekBinge but was basically dead on Saturday (my allotted day to finish it) and spent Sunday just trying not to stay awake after I barely slept the night before. Along similar lines, I cancelled my usual Twitch stream on Sunday as I felt I wouldn't be able to sit up for an hour without looking like a zombie by the end. On the bright side, I'm (mostly) recovered and should hopefully be back up to speed in a few days.

So what can you expect this week to make it up? Well I would buy you chocolates and flowers but I like chocolate so would probably eat them first and my dog loves flowers so she's got those covered. Instead, I will get my Descant done for GeekBinge and have a few good ideas for StudentCom to choose from (probably going to settle on my thoughts on the future of the MMORPG genre). Also, I have an idea for a Sofa Story that I should have up by the end of the week. I'm also committed to recording my next Passion for Pixels cast by early next week. Further, I will be posting my impressions of Broken Age as soon as the game launches (damn major review sites for their uber early access and making all us bloggers look like tools). So, all in all, a busy week. The trade off is that my Twitch stream will be on hiatus until 9 February due to social engagements that will pretty much mean I won't be able to plan and stream on time.

What I've Been Playing
In short, nothing new. I really wanted to plow through Saints Row 4 while it was free on Steam for the weekend but simply couldn't. But sometimes that's okay, enjoying an old favourite can be cathartic in a relaxing sort of way.

Team Fortress 2
I started off the week on a TF2 kick and gave a look to some of the new stuff that's been released since I last played. I was really pleased with the medic upgrades for Man vs. Machine mode and feel like their viability has been dramatically improved without being absolutely necessary for a team to be successful. In other words, really well balanced. I was less pleased with the solider boosts as I felt they were already a valuable addition to any team and now they have even more options for making crazy strong rockets. I guess we can't win them all.

Outlook: Well comforted, I will let this one rest for a bit.

Once illness took hold and I really couldn't dedicate much effort to gaming (at least fast moving stuff) without getting worse I decided to play a bit more Hearthstone. My opinion really hasn't changed, I suppose I find that recent tweaks have helped even out the balance but most matches are still highly dependent on random luck and owning powerful cards. I still had fun and finally maxed out all of my characters to unlock every basic card in the game. I played with the deck builder as well but my efforts were seriously flawed until I sought out the forums to get a better idea of actually useful cards as opposed to the ones that just look good on paper.

Outlook: Off my radar for now. I'm excited for the open beta as it will mean a lot more people commenting on balance and likely a ton of tweaks.

The Old Republic
Mostly just screwing around with auctions and customizing gear over actually making progress. I started a smuggler to see how melee works for them and wasn't sold (gunslinger is way more suited to my play style). I just can't seem to put this one down permanently and I'm even considering resubscribing given how much life I'm squeezing out of it.

Outlook: Who knows? Just when I think I'm done I get pulled back in.

Chrono Trigger
Minimal progress this week (Saturday was my planned big session). Fortunately, we have pushed back our discussion on this for the podcast so I have a bit more time to finish it.

Outlook: Yep, still there.