Saturday, December 21, 2013

So long 2013, and Thanks For All the Games

As I have vowed to do periodically, today I provide a short update on the status of this blog and where I see it going in the future. The end of the year seems to be a particularly good time to do this as we all make resolutions for the months ahead (most of which we will break). So what's coming up? Well you'll have to read the rest of this post for the details but, in short, it's going to be a busy 2014!

Over the past few months this blog has undergone a sort of metamorphosis. Starting off as a once-a-day posting, I eventually had enough content to attract a few offers to write for other sites. While the majority of my writing now appears on GeekBinge and Studentcom UK I have done my best to maintain two regular posts (Weekly Roundup and The Playlist) with the occasional other piece thrown in. By and large I feel like I have been able to maintain this even if I feel a bit stretched. I hope to keep doing this next year and see no reason why I shouldn't be able to. I treat my blog as a personal space, a place where I can post whatever I want in as rough a form as I want (no editors!) and feel like the posts I write here are some of the easiest ones I do (in the sense that the flow comes naturally).

Probably the biggest thing that will be happening next year is the beginning of a regular podcast 'Passion for Pixels'! Myself and a local gaming buddy have set out to talk specifically about retro games with attention to the 8bit and 16bit eras (basically my childhood gaming systems). Admittedly, the whole podcasting thing is new to me so I expect it will be a few episodes before it feels polished. I had a great time in the two recording sessions already done and am hoping to start posting them to this blog in January. We are still working out what the best schedule for posting will be (either once or twice monthly) as our opportunities to record are variable and dependent on real work. I hope that everyone will like my exploration into a new medium.

Another development for the new year is a streaming collaboration with GeekBinge. It's in the early draft stages at this point but all parties seem pretty keen on working out a way to integrate my weekly stream into the site. I am most excited by the prospect that I may end up streaming with a partner from time to time which should dramatically change the presentation. I will be surprised if this actually starts up before February but it should happen Q1 2014. Writing wise, I am hoping to step it up a bit with GeekBinge. I feel that my pace has slowed a bit with them and I really want to rectify this and get back to at least two articles a week.

One last thing I have set to work on in 2014 is transitioning into more paying writing gigs. I have never hid the fact that I want to use my blog as a springboard into a writing career and I am hoping to accelerate this. I suspect that progress here will likely mean writing in a non-games capacity and might include editing/proofreading work. I am also betting that much of my work will be appearing in smaller local publications. I will do my best to point to what I have written but may not be in a position to repost stuff to my blog. Obviously, as I expand out into a paid role I will have to find a way to prioritize those commitments. With this in mind, I will probably scale back my Studentcom UK writings to once a week. I am getting great exposure there but ultimately I have to make time somewhere.

So there you have it. A few of the things I am working on for next year. As always, I am open to suggestions so if you want to see more or less of something let me know!

I will be taking a break over the holidays so this will likely be my last post of the year. See you in 2014!