Saturday, December 1, 2012

Massively Meh

Just thought I would weigh in on the big update (patch 1.2) for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) and explain my feelings on resubscribing and what it means in terms of Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games (shortened to MMOs here) in general. I am going to skip all the basics so if the last sentence made very little sense to you Google the terms 'SWTOR' for specific game info or 'MMO' for the broader concepts.

Facing the Faceoff of non-face-to-face Diplomacy on Facebook

Over the last couple of weeks I have engaged in my first set of public games of Diplomacy through the php based Facebook app. Below are some of my impressions of the pros and cons of Facebook Diplomacy. For information quick information on the game itself I suggest checking out Wikipedia (it has a pretty good description of the rules etc.) and for info on the app itself you may as well go to the source (

Mass Risk and the Consumer Effect

Having completed my second run-through of the recently released Mass Effect 3 and seeking a bit more clarification on the ending I took to the online community to see what people at to say. What I found was a mostly one-sided war with consumers vehemently criticizing the developer (Bioware) and publisher (Electronic Arts) for a variety of issues with the game. Below is my point-counterpoint of one of the issues that has lit up the gaming community, namely that Electronic Arts has been unscrupulous in its business tactics in the marketing and sale of the game.