Friday, July 29, 2016

Passion for Pixels: Ep 45 - The Best Video Game Library

Which retro console has the most impressive library of games? We look at the most classic consoles and games from both Sega, Nintendo and Sony, when we decide which gaming system we would want to bring to a deserted island, on this episode of retro gaming podcast Passion for Pixels!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Passion for Pixels: Ep 44 - The Power Glove and Other Retro Gaming Peripherals

Does the Power Glove get unfairly dumped on? It didn't work well and was the centre piece of Nintendo's early 90's marketing strategy featuring prominently in The Wizard - a movie that only deserves ironic praise. That said, it was a proof of concept for the motion controls that ultimately propelled the Wii into a cultural powerhouse.

Stian and Danny consider some of the oddball peripherals that hit the market (plus a few that didn't) and weigh whether they ought to be banished to obscurity as gimmicks or if they really are the product of genius. The Sega Activator, the Atari Mindlink, the NES Zapper, the Game Gear TV tuner and something that lets you play the Wii in your car are among the gadgets we get into on this episode of retro gaming podcast Passion for Pixels!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Passion for Pixels: Ep 43 - Collecting Retro Games and Consoles

Retro gamers seem to love collecting old games and consoles, so for this episode of retro gaming podcast Passion for Pixels, we decided to sit down with Simon Pophale to talk about how he went about collecting 40 different video game systems, and nearly complete sets of several console's gaming libraries.

We go from Simon's first experience with video games on the ZX Spectrum, to almost completing a set of Sega Megadrive games and, talk about his latest endeavour, a complete Sega Saturn set, and lots more.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Passion for Pixels: Ep 42 - The Most Overrated Video Games this episode of Retro Gaming Podcast Passion for Pixels, we talk about games that history have treated too kindly. Even though we love Nintendo, they have released games that have been unduly praised, and we take a look at why titles like Goldeneye 007, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Donkey Kong 64 need to be knocked down a few pegs. We also get into overrated PC games like Baldur's Gate, and we discuss whether Warcraft 3 is as innovative of an RTS as people seem to think.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Passion for Pixels: Ep 41 - The Best Looking 8-bit Games 8-bit era of videogames spawned many of gaming's greatest icons, like Mario, Link and Sonic. On this episode of Retro Gaming Podcast Passion for Pixels, we talk about why the simplicity of 8-bit graphics is still so dear to gamers, and why many think it has aged better than the more advanced pixel count of 16-bit graphics.

We also get into how the graphical limitations of the time forced game developers to think in creative ways that has since become obsolete, due to hardware improvements.